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Golden Orb - Ampcoloy

Golden Orb - Ampcoloy

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Looks like Gold, feels like Gold and its not Brass! Nor is it plated. This custom, one off, hand made Short Orb is a Torch / Flashlight for the collectors Grail.

Made from a special aerospace material which has a Gold like lustre and weight. Probably the first and only Torch / Flashlight made from solid Ampcoloy in the World. 

Running from a single IMR 18350 cell is a Lux-RC triple light engine (LE) producing up to a colossal 2000 + Lumens. This sophisticated LE from Russia is considered to be the most advanced merger of electronics and software in the industry. With extreme versatility in the smallest package for all situations. Wireless programming feature from your smart phone or computer. The features and specification of this LE are in-depth. However, if you want simplicity then this is also available with a simple click for on and off. 

Ampcoloy will tarnish over time and produce a patina, if preferred, to keep its shiny Gold lustre, then a simple polish from time to time will keep the Gold like lustre bright for many years to come.

The customer may want to choose the 2 options we have available for the LE.

Option 1. Six up Cree LED's Warm White (2.7K)

Option 2. Three up Nichia White (4.5K)

Please send a note with your order to select option 1 or 2. 

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