Toothpick Titanium

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Custom made and bespoke designed Titanium Toothpick made from Grade 5 hypoallergenic Titanium. Designed to be carried easily in a pocket or wallet, the titanium or silver toothpick was produced shorter than is usually seen and measures approximately 42mm long. It has been CNC machined with a smooth rounded body and tip for ease of use. The rounded body stems from a slightly larger rounded base with groves for both aesthetics and grip. The base also acts as a tail stand and features a concave dome which suits the simple but stylish design and material. As part of it's ability to be carried easily the titanium toothpick also comes with a snug fitting (pull off/push on) white acetal cover that keeps the toothpick clean and protects the tip. Titanium can be colour anodised allowing the toothpick to be personalised at an additional cost.