300+ Lumen high power, smallest brightest LED torch Titanium (Ti) Nickel Silver (NS) Stainless Steel (SS)

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Raw NS/SS/Ti The Raw Series is available in three lustrous alloyed materials; Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel and Titanium. Suitable for everyday carry the Raw Series is designed to provide a substantial and practical output whilst maintaining a stylish high quality design. Using the latest high power Cree LED XM-L3 it has a two stage reliable twist switch providing an impressive high light output of 300+ Lumens and a lower light output of 100 Lumens. The Raw runs on a 300mAh 14250 Li-ion cell providing 25 minutes on the high light output or 1.5 hours on the lower light output. A high quality mineral-glass lens (recessed for protection) and the inclusion of treble O-rings used throughout provides excellent dunk-resistance. The Raw Series is uniquely designed and extremely high quality in every aspect and is custom machined. Each torch comprises a stainless steel reflector, which is finished with a diamond tipped cutter. Due to precision milling the originality of the design shows through to include an elongated circle. This creates a unique bridge forming a substantial lanyard attachment and allows for the connection of the stainless steel ball bearing swivel. The Raw Series measure 50mm in length x 18mm diameter and approximate weights are; NS 40g, SS 49g, Ti 35g.

Add optional extras like Tritium Vials and After glow lens ring to create your personalised Raw with find in the dark features.