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PiK H3 Tritium Toothpick available in Titanium or Argentium Silver

PiK H3 Tritium Toothpick available in Titanium or Argentium Silver

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NEW for 2023!

PiK H3 Tritium Toothpicks

Based on the original Titanium PiK with the addition of an Ice Blue or Green Tritium Vial for that find in the dark glow.  The vial is intricately & stylishly milled into the body, with 3x portholes on the reverse allowing the glow to be seen from both sides.

A newly designed and machined Brass sleeve gives an eye catching contrast to the grey Titanium, whilst keeping the PiK clean and protecting the tip.  The sleeve has minimal groves added for both detail and grip, and also serves as an extension to the PiK, elongating it’s length for extra usability.  Neatly designed to be readily accessible and carried everyday in a pocket or wallet.  The PiK itself measures approximately 50mm, and with the Brass protective sleeve in it’s extension position it measures approximately 70mm.

Orrbott’s Titanium PiK’s are individually hand machined from Grade 5 hypoallergenic Titanium, and is also available in lustrous Argentium Silver (hypoallergenic), which can be British Assay Office Hallmarked.  Precision CNC machining ensures a sturdy point that blends throughout the radius from the PiK’s point to its top, which has nicely domed tactile finish, complimenting the materials used.

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