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Wee Series

Wee Series

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The Wee Series is designed to be a truly wearable torch for every day carry (EDC) and runs a high power LED. The focus is on small, simple, stylishly designed, a bright light and high quality. This will make the Wee your most frequently used torch ever. Using a high power Cree LED providing an impressive light output of 100 Lumens, the Wee NS, SS + Ti are both practical and seamlessly designed, constructed with a unibody style and of the highest quality incorporating a nickel silver reflector as an integral part of the torch body. Incorporating a single stage, ultra-reliable twist switch and comprising of a high quality mineral-glass lens (recessed for protection), double O-rings at the window, and an O-ring behind the threads leads to excellent dunk-resistance. The Wee Series run on a re-chargeable 90mAh 10180 Li-ion cell, providing approx. 20 minutes runtime at a 100 lumen output. The Wee Series measures only 34mm in length x 15mm diameter and weighs approx. 20g. Please note that the Wee Ti is currently sold out, sorry!

Add Tritium Vials to your Wee, Green and Ice Blue available in all products.

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